Plans Begin for PDK Special Interest Group

Si2 is planning to launch its first special interest group, which will focus on process design kits. Ted Paone, interoperability standards architect, said the SIG will “refine the methodology to improve process data and create quality process design kits.” Special interest groups are open to all Si2 members. For more information contact Ted Paone,


Process Design Kits: Issues and Opportunities

Process design kits model the process for the design tools. The design kit contains the models; the device parameters, symbols and pcells, verification and extraction decks, and support for the tools in the design flow. Since new processes are much more complex, a PDK is generated for each variant of a process. The PDK can be targeted to specific markets by including additional devices and process information. The result is that quality PDK creation is more important to the design success than ever before.

This panel will discuss the PDK generation methodology, from the capture of the process data, inputs to the PDK generation system and creation of the PDK for delivery, to the design groups. We will investigate the challenges and look for proposed solutions which can be implemented collaboratively.


Moderator:  Ted Paone, Interoperability Standards Architect, Si2
Joerg Doblaski, Director of Design Support, X-FAB Group
Sue Strang, Senior Engineer, Research Division, IBM
Dan Clein, Technical Director, Sankalp Semiconductor
Dr. David Onsongo, Qualcomm