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As of today, Si2 is now using Single-Sign-On logins to support our members who are involved in Si2 Bloomfire communities.
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2015-10-06 19th Si2CON Presentations Available
2015-09-29 Si2 Announces Agenda and Speakers for 19th Si2 Conference (PR)
2015-09-24 Lapses in IC Security Can “Make or Break” Technology Infrastructure Protection (PR)
2015-08-11 Si2 Names New Staff in OpenStandards and Membership (PR)
2015-06-07 Si2 at DAC 2015: Booth Presentations
2015-05-27 Si2 Announces Board of Directors for 2015-2016 (PR)
2015-02-19 SI2’s Compact Model Coalition Releases New SPICE Model Standards for Fully Depleted Silicon- On-Insulator (FDSOI) MOSFET Technologies (PR)
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