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Standards and Beyond
ST Announces 20x Savings Using OpenPDK At DAC
July 2, 2014

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2014-07-02 OpenPDK accelerates design kit production at ST (Tech Design)
2014-06-02 Si2’s Low Power Coalition Releases Initial Specification Supporting Multi-Level Power Modeling (PR)
2014-05-29 MEDIA ALERT: Annual Si2 Open Reception at DAC
2014-05-28 Si2 MEDIA ALERT: 3D Panel at DAC – “Design for 3D: Are Standards Leading the Way or Lagging Behind?”
2014-05-27 Si2 Announces Release of OpenAccess Scripting Interface v3.0 (PR)
2014-05-23 Si2 Announces New Thermal Interface Protocol Standard for 3D Integrated Circuits (PR)
2014-05-22 Si2 MEDIA ALERT: Press Conference with STMicroelectronics on Commitment to the Open Process Design Kit
2014-05-22 Si2 Announces Board of Directors for 2014-2015 (PR)
2014-05-21 Si2 MEDIA ALERT: Presentation at DAC by Dr. Chenming Hu of University of California, Berkeley
2014-05-13 Si2 Announces Translator for the Open Process Specification into OpenAccess (PR)
2014-05-06 Si2 Announces Release of OpenAccess Polygon Operators Extension (PR)
2014-01-22 Si2 Announces Technology Donations for Open PCell Standards (PR)
2014-01-07 Tanner EDA Contributes Technology to Si2's OpenPDK Coalition (PR)
2013-12-11 Si2 Announces Open Pcell Standards Workshop (PR)
2013-11-26 Si2 Announces Release of OpenAccess Scripting Interface (PR)
2013-11-05 Si2's OpenPDK Coalition Releases the Open Process Specification v1.1 (PR)
2013-10-30 Si2 Announces Sponsorship of "Architectures for Semiconductor Integration and Packaging Conference" (PR)
2013-09-18 Si2 Announces Agenda and Speakers for 18th Si2 Conference (PR)
2013-09-17 Si2 Announces Six New Members of the OpenAccess Coalition (PR)
2013-08-13 Si2 Appoints John Ellis as Vice President of Engineering (PR)
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