OpenStandards is Relevant Accelerated Market Driven

The Si2 OpenStandards Coalition is our internal advanced-concept incubator. Independent working groups target key technologies for standardization and streamline paths for fast-tracked industry approval.

There are two ways to join. Membership is free for OpenAccess and Compact Model Coalition Members. Or you can join with a separate OpenStandards Membership.

Si2 OpenStandards Working Groups

Unified Power Model

Reduce or eliminate blown system thermal and power budgets and schedules by significantly improving system design/power estimation cycle time and accuracy.

Chair: Nagu R. Dhanwada, IBM

Chip Package Co-Design

Reduce or eliminate inefficiencies in the codesign of SoCs and 3D and 2.5D design flows by improving, or creating as needed, standardized communication of electro-thermal-mechanical parameters between designers, suppliers, and their design toolsets.

Chair:  Tom Whipple, Zuken, Inc.

Open Pattern Advanced Layout

Rapidly search an OpenAccess layout for yield-detracting patterns or particularly robust patterns with a specialized language for 2D pattern analysis targeted at advanced processes at 20nm and below.

Si2 OpenStandards Members