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Lef/Def Exchange Format Ver5.8 and Above


Latest File Releases
Package Latest Version Date Notes / Monitor View
LEF DEF v5.8 and Above Format Specification5.8p005 November 13, 2015 Release Notes - Monitor this package View
LEF/DEF v5.8 and Above Toolkit5.8-p011 October 3, 2015 Release Notes - Monitor this package View

Latest News
LEF DEF v5.8p005 Format Specification Posted   Si2 Admin - 2015-11-13 10:23   [Lef/Def Exchange Format Ver5.8 and Above]
Updated Documentation for the LEF/DEF API Format Specification Version 5.8 P005: The updates in this LEF DEF API Format Specification reference document support new process nodes trim metal shape concepts. A new masterslice layer with type property of TRIMMETAL is introduced in LEF. Shapes on that layer are written out in FILLS section in DEF, and some related shapes are written out using reserved net name in SPECIALNETS section.

LEF/DEF 5.8p011 Toolkits Posted   Si2 Admin - 2015-10-03 12:07   [Lef/Def Exchange Format Ver5.8 and Above]
The change in LEF/DEF version 5.8 parser toolkit is that the LEF parser now generates a warning if a VIARULE GENERATE doesn’t include a RECT keyord, which is required by the LEF syntax. It also includes build file support for the gcc 4.8.3 compiler. These parsers should be used when compiling the translators in OA 22.50p029 and later releases.

LEF/DEF 5.8p008 Toolkits Posted   Si2 Admin - 2015-07-10 12:13   [Lef/Def Exchange Format Ver5.8 and Above]
Key change the LEF/DEF 5.8-p008 parser toolkits is the availability of the function defrinitSession, which is used in the LEF/DEF translators in OpenAccess version oa22.50-p022.

LEF/DEF 5.8_p004 Spec and Parsers posted   Si2 Admin - 2015-05-14 10:46   [Lef/Def Exchange Format Ver5.8 and Above]
The 5.8p004 parsers are required to compile the LEF and DEF translator code supplied with the OpenAccess 22.50 release. 5.8p004 parser kits are not compatible with the Open Access 22.43 release.

LEF/DEF 5.8-p003 Spec and Parsers posted    Si2 Admin - 2014-10-22 10:30   [Lef/Def Exchange Format Ver5.8 and Above]
LEF/DEF 5.8-p003 have been released. This release is compatible with the OA 22.50 series.

LEF/DEF 5.8 Spec and Parsers posted   Si2 Admin - 2012-12-21 15:52   [Lef/Def Exchange Format Ver5.8 and Above]
LEF/DEF v5.8 Specification and Parser Toolkits have been posted. Ver 5.8 in distributed from a new download project. Earlier v5.3 - 5.7 version are still available.


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