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  OA unitTest failures in 22.43p028Cory Krug12014-03-25 09:05
  Instance NameAhmed Alaa Abd-Elshafy02014-03-25 05:01
  scratch designs in older versions of OASameer Kadam22014-01-21 11:54
  oaScript for pythonJames22013-12-12 08:45
  Can oaShapeQuery support multiple thread?Wang Yikai22013-12-10 21:12
  Reading CDF paul nelson42013-12-10 14:56
  oaDesign::scalarize() never seem to finishJannich Thorsen22013-12-10 14:43
  Open access C++ API and databaseVarun202013-11-29 09:28
  Translator cannot convert macro with multi-bits termMeng-Yen Li82013-11-26 11:09
  Converting between OpenAccess (OA) and Milkyway (MW)I-Lun Tseng02013-11-07 05:36
  Implicit connectionsRoland Mayr32013-10-24 15:43
  oa2lef: Tech database not foundMatthias Be52013-10-24 10:22
  Handling layout databases with different resolutionsZhe-Wei Jiang22013-10-21 20:18
  Memory leak for : oaHierPath (oaUInt4 sizeIn=10)Duo Ding22013-10-18 11:00
  LSI Python APISimon Chang22013-08-31 12:43
  help with TCL bindings and getParamsAnurup Mitra92013-08-08 10:45
  on-disk design file names are too longCharlie Seddon22013-07-30 13:33
  Finding hierarchical modulesShaun Deacon22013-07-15 17:16
  undefined dtor ~oaConstraintGroupHeaderTbl()Shaun Deacon12013-06-25 14:25
  oa2cdb and Nangate Library for clock tree synthesisMojtaba Ebrahimi12013-05-23 11:48
  Non-uniform signature of get() method of oaValue-inheriotrsVadim Sukhorukov42013-05-23 04:24
  Undefined symbol (from an oaInstQuery derived class declaraion)Shaun Deacon32013-05-10 17:58
  LEF/DEF 5.8 and OA 22.43.10Jeff Wilson12013-05-07 13:43
  Why top block's bbox is changed and when to use oaDesign::invert()?Xuerong Ji22013-04-26 16:29
  invert transformBinh Van Pham22013-04-26 14:04
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