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Topic Topic Starter Replies Last Post
  building 22.50.01Jeff Wilson22016-02-04 13:07
  Thread Safety regarding to parasitic networksShuojing Wang12016-01-21 17:09
  Newly created instance has invalid masterSos Aleksanyan42016-01-13 03:41
  How to model a flat panel display (FPD) process technology in OA?Frank Liu22016-01-11 19:01
  No "static oaText* oaText::find()" method availableFrank Liu22015-12-21 14:36
  strm2oa creates an oaDesign without a top blockFrank Liu42015-12-11 12:53
  oa2strm warning OASTRM-80018: "Output layer not found in tech database"Frank Liu22015-12-10 19:36
  Crash while opening Openaccess designBhaskar Chandra Chawda22015-12-09 23:45
  Error in creating a cell directory (9016)Milan42015-11-19 12:22
  two values of techLibName on a library.Jeff Wilson12015-11-18 15:16
  performance issue while using oa*Term::create Bhaskar Chandra Chawda12015-11-18 10:59
  incremental tech dbuperuuJeff Wilson12015-11-02 14:51
  def2oa, DEF file order.Jun Iwanaga12015-10-22 12:23
  Any plans to update Visual Studio support?Paul Cameron12015-10-20 17:07
  compile error when upgrading from oa 22.42 to oa 22.50changde xiong22015-10-20 11:22
  slowdown in getConstraintGroup()Jeff Wilson32015-10-20 11:15
  Pcell plug in errorTaCheng Lin42015-10-16 18:38
  Crash in oaDesign::closeBhaskar Chandra Chawda42015-10-14 12:14
  oaScript support for oaConstraintDef->getObjectTypes(), getValueTypes()Tait Schaffer12015-09-29 21:05
  Compile Error while creating oaInterPointerAppDef on oaHierProp Bhaskar Chandra Chawda22015-09-29 00:25
  Intended namespace for library, cell, and view names in oaDesign::open()?James D. Masters02015-09-28 01:03
  Stopping oaFSLockD cleanlyvan Leuven Peter82015-09-22 15:40
  exception creating oaInstTerms in scratch designsTait Schaffer12015-09-22 15:39
  pin placement status seems to be lost after delete + undoRob Lefebvre32015-09-21 16:26
  Create a vectored net with range from -ve to +ve bit indexesBhaskar Chandra Chawda32015-08-24 01:56
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