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  Construct design from multiple def filesJannich Thorsen42015-03-29 04:45
  Store net expression string using net handlesBhaskar Chandra Chawda52015-03-12 01:45
  Multi-corner spef supportIvan Pavisic42015-02-24 12:24
  Space in lib.defs pathvan Leuven Peter42015-02-10 02:54
  Cannot open a design in write or append modepaul nelson22015-02-05 10:16
  oa2lef and incremental tech database questionStephen Kempf12015-01-30 18:23
  How to observe oaIntraPointerAppDef?Rob Lefebvre12015-01-27 11:18
  How to store map<int, double> using oaVarDataAppDef on an oaInstBhaskar Chandra Chawda52015-01-16 05:53
  Finding instances using a subMaster when a pcell error occursRob Lefebvre02014-12-13 01:49
  How to identify active cache?Seema Naswa22014-12-09 12:18
  lef2oa and def2oaLarg Weiland32014-12-08 19:12
  oaSession getAppDefs(), getAppObjectDefs()Tait Schaffer12014-11-11 10:43
  tcl binding oa::getOffsetsJeff Wilson12014-11-06 15:47
  oa2verilog using block domainLaura Wills22014-10-22 17:22
  How to change library name Junghoon Jo02014-09-30 05:58
  building 22.50.01Jeff Wilson12014-09-25 09:36
  NULL master occurrence when logical and physical library names are differentSeema Naswa22014-09-13 18:08
  Best way to copy a cell viewpaul nelson42014-08-13 16:01
  getting shapes from a pcellpaul nelson82014-08-07 15:39
  BBox for vias don't seem correct in layoutpaul nelson22014-07-14 13:12
  oacMinSpacing, oactwoWidthParallelRunLengthTableType lookup methodologyTait Schaffer12014-07-14 13:05
  def2oa cannot read 5G def file?Xuerong Ji12014-07-10 12:50
  How to get the origin and orientation of oaPin object?Prashanth Ramamurthy32014-07-10 12:49
  Determining if paths are touchingpaul nelson02014-07-08 16:13
  How to get the shapeType from oaShape?Prashanth Ramamurthy42014-06-26 03:21
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