15nm Open-Cell Library and 45nm FreePDK

No charge for Universities and Si2 Members

Silvaco’s Open-Cell 15nm Library has been made available to Universities and Si2 Members at no charge.

This new library aligns with the current generation of silicon process nodes and is based on the FreePDK15 process design kit from NC State University. This PDK does not contain proprietary or sensitive data that would prohibit free sharing of a library built with it. The new Silvaco cell library is free for all non-commercial purposes and is particularly suited to research programs and standards development organizations that have previously had free access only to libraries with much older process technologies. The Predictive Technology Model from Arizona State University was used in conjunction with the PDK to characterize the 15nm standard-cell library.

Please fill out the following request form to obtain access to the 15nm Library, and to the 45nm FreePDK, also made available by Silvaco. Non-members will be redirected to Silvaco’s site to find out how they may obtain the files directly.