OpenAccess Coalition membership is open to companies in the semiconductor community that sell or use, or intend to port over, a production-level EDA application that makes use of the OpenAcesss API as the primary access to design data.


First, complete the membership agreement and return via fax or email. The membership agreement will be reviewed for approval. Once approved, the member may then complete the license agreement, which provides access to the OpenAccess code and documentation and inclusion on OpenAccess Coalition mailing list. If desired, the optional Extension Steering Group (ESG) license can be completed. It provides access to core database extensions, including the scripting interface to OpenAccess, which supports Python, Ruby, tcl, and perl.

Step One

Obtain a quote for your company, based on revenue.

Download the membership agreement, complete, sign, and return.


Wait for approval and return of the signed agreement. We’ll return the agreement along with an invoice. Some companies pay directly from the invoice, some companies first require a purchase order to be generated sent back to us (which we will update the invoice and resend). A valid Purchase Order, or a payment allows your membership to be activated. You’re now ready for Step Two.

Step Two

Once you’ve received your signed agreement, it’s time to fill out the license agreement.

Why not do Step One and Step Two in parallel? Because it’s necessary to know the type of membership for which you’ve been approved in order to properly complete, and return, the license agreement for Si2 approval.

If it’s determined your company is not ready for full OpenAccess Coalition membership, Si2 Corporate and Guest memberships are also available. The membership type must be indicated on the license agreement signature page, and must be consistent with the type of membership being granted.

Step Three (Optional)

OpenAccess Extensions allow additional functionality to be added to the core, standard code. The Extensions Steering Group (ESG) has a number of standardized extensions for use, including the OpenAccess Scripting Interface (oaScript). Use of these extensions required agreeing to the ESG License.