Si2 Corporate Membership (Base) is available to any company who uses, designs, or supports EDA Software Tools.


The prospective member must review the Si2 Antitrust Guidelines and Si2 Bylaws (below) before completing the membership agreement. Membership dues is based on company revenue. Please obtain a quote prior to emailing or faxing in your agreement.

In 2015, the Si2 Base Membership became an integral part of each Coalition membership, so no additional base dues is required for Coalition members.

For companies joining after mid-year, dues can be prorated from June 1, however, a full year’s dues payment is required. The following year dues will be invoiced for just six months, bringing renewal in line with the calendar year.

Base Membership Form, Bylaws, and Antitrust Policy

If you would like access to a trial version of OpenAccess or the OPenAccess Extensions, including oaScript (the Python/Ruby/tcl/perl interface to OpenAccess), please complete, and return, the OpenAccess and Extensions Steering Group License forms at the bottom of this page.

Base Membership Form


Si2 Bylaws


Si2 Antitrust Guidelines


OpenAccess License Agreement


Extensions License Agreement