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Si2 oaScript Symposium: Scripting Made Easy

Si2 oaScript Symposium: Scripting Made Easy DAC 2017 Austin Convention Center, Room 7 Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Can you easily write new applications for your users? We’ll show you how. Can you easily integrate script tools into your applications? We’ll show you how. Do your applications have a fast-track learning system? […]

System level co-design of chip, package and PCB using native design databases in a unified 3D cockpit

Author:  James Church Today’s advanced packaging design requires low layer count and high pin density to satisfy the cost pressures facing the electronics industry. By leveraging the native design formats, rules and technologies of each substrate designers can achieve a cohesive, optimized and properly constrained product. Combining the OpenAccess IC layout database and Zuken’s own […]

Challenges and Opportunities in Global Standardization of Compact Models

DAC 2016 The Si2 Compact Model Coalition (CMC) is a collaborative industry-academia organization for creating standards for SPICE compact models. CMC standards drive innovation across the semiconductor foundry-fabless ecosystem by ensuring that well-vetted compact models and compact model interfaces are consistently implemented in vendor circuit simulators. This panel discusses developing cutting-edge models while simultaneously improving/maintaining […]

EDA Scripting Unleashed (Voted-Best-Paper)

Author:  James Masters, Intel In many traditional design flows, high-performance robust EDA capabilities are limited to formal EDA tools. Design Automation (DA) engineers build additional project-specific capabilities either by using an EDA tool’s proprietary scripting API or by creating a standalone lightweight script that relies upon translation of design data into other formats. This results […]

Building Successful OpenAccess Applications While Avoiding Bumps in the Road

DAC 2016 Description The OpenAccess Database is the world’s most widely used, open reference database for IC design, with a supporting standard C++ API. It is superb for developing a stand-alone design tool and can also provide interoperability between EDA tools from different companies. The API is available in scripting languages through our extensions offering […]

Chip/Package/Board Co-Design and Co-Analysis: Moving from Spreadsheets to EDA

DAC 2016: Description SoC development has become more than just silicon design. Today, successful SoC design requires consideration of the electrical, thermal, and mechanical interactions of the chip, the package and the board. This is especially true for silicon-in-package designs and 3D designs such as Hybrid Memory Cubes and High Bandwidth Memories. Co-design of the […]

Tom Whipple Reelected Chair of Si2 Chip-Package Co-Design Group

Tom Whipple, solutions architect at Zuken, has been reelected chair of the Si2 Chip-Package Co-Design Technical Advisory Board. The TAB’s primary goal is to identify problems in chip-package-board design flows, and flows and data exchange solutions to solve them. At Zuken, Tom is responsible for defining, promoting and supporting chip-package-board co-design solutions using Zuken CR-8000 […]

Si2 contributes advanced IC power modeling technology to IEEE.

– Si2 Contributes Advanced IC Power Modeling Technology to IEEE Technology will improve SoC design for power efficiency – AUSTIN, Texas–Silicon Integration Initiative, Inc. (Si2), a leading integrated circuit research and development joint venture, has contributed new power modeling technology to the IEEE P2416 System Level Power Model Working Group. The transfer is aimed at […]