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Standards and Beyond
ST Announces 20x Savings Using OpenPDK At DAC
July 2, 2014

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Si2 Contact Information

 Si2 Contact Information

9111 Jollyville Road, Suite 250
Austin, Texas 78759

Email-Form: Send us a direct message.

  Telephone & Fax Numbers
Phone: 1-512-342-2244
Fax: 1-512-342-2037
  Executive Team
Steve Schulz
President and CEO
512-342-2244, ext. 310
John Ellis
Vice President of Engineering
512-342-2244 ext. 301
Jake Buurma
VP, West Coast Operations
Kevin Meyer
Vice President of Business Development
Jo Anne Parks
512-342-2244, ext. 302
Bill Bayer
Sr. Director, Marketing Communications
512-342-2244, ext. 304

  Staff Directory
Kevin Nesmith
Chief Architect
512-342-2244, ext. 311

Susan Carver
Software Engineer
512-342-2244, ext. 314

Barbara Pfeil
Software Engineer
Si2 Web Sites
512-342-2244, ext. 309

Jason Mongaras
Staff Engineer
512-342-2244, ext. 315

Barbara Rappaport
Office Manager and
Assistant to the CEO
512-342-2244, ext. 305

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