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Standards and Beyond
ST Announces 20x Savings Using OpenPDK At DAC
July 2, 2014

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OpenAccess Roadmap
November 09, 2013

Project Type Status Commited
Year Champion
Advanced nodes 2013 Function Resourced Cadence 2013 Cadence
AppDef-Specific Observers Performance Resourced Cadence 2013 Cadence
oaRoute Undo Capacity Capacity Resourced Cadence 2013 Cadence
String/Name Table Capacity Capacity Resourced Cadence 2014 Cadence
Track Pattern Data Model Function Possible 2014+ Intel
Partial Load Function Possible 2014+ AMD
Future Advanced Nodes Function Possible 2014+ Cadence
oaAppDef Performance Performance Possible 2014+ TBD
Improved Occurence Model Cap/Perf Possible 2014+ Intel

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